The Refresher is a dual moisturizer that can be used on your hair or face. With our "liquid gold", The Refresher is great for: 


• Moisturizing hair and skin

• Stabilizing hair's PH balance

• Repair damaged hair

• Reduces dandruff 

• Control excess oil, psorasis, and excema 


Size: 2oz


Warning: We recommend doing a skin test before use. For external use only. 

The Refresher - Wholesale

  • Instructions

    Add to wet or dry hair to keep moisturized. Use "The Refresher" daily to restore moisture to your hair and scalp. Apply "the oil" directly after to trap in moisture. Also, use to keep your hair and scalp fresh and smelling good when you have protective styles. 


    Ingredients: Rose Hydrosol Water Essential Oil Blend, 100% natural Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Herbal Oil Blend


    *100% Natural and Organic