The Refresher: 

Use this liquid gold to refresh and replenish your crown. It also stabilizes your hair pH balance and aids with repairing damaged hair. "The Refresher" also acts as an anti-inflammatory and because it's a natural antiseptic, it reduces dandruff. If you are a curly, coily , kinky hair beauty you need more moisture daily to keep your hair from becoming dry and brittle. If you are a straight and wavy hair beauty you will need this as well to maintain healthy hair, especially in the summer months. This is your "L" in the L.O.C (Liquid, Oil, and Cream) or L.C.O (Liquid, Cream, and Oil) method. 


The Oil: 

A luscious combination of carrier and essential oils as
well as herbs. This oil was designed to lock in moisture, soften and
thicken hair, treat itchy scalp and help with premature graying. This
is definitely the “O” in your L.O.C (Liquid, Oil, and Cream) or L.C.O
(Liquid, Cream, and Oil) method.


Refresher & Oil (Combo Pack)

  • The Refresher: 

    Add to wet or dry hair to keep moisturized. Use "The Refresher" daily to restore moisture to your hair and scalp. Apply "the oil" directly after to trap in moisture. Also, use to keep your hair and scalp fresh and smelling good when you have protective styles. 


    Ingredients: Rose Hydrosol Water Essential Oil Blend


    *100% Natural and Organic


    The Oil: 

    Can be used on wet or dry hair. Apply as a daily scalp
    treatment and hair moisturizer. Can be used in combination with your
    favorite conditioner/deep conditioner or by itself as a hot oil
    treatment. Run bottle under hot water if oil is in solid state depending
    on your room temperature. Shake well before each use and enjoy!


    Ingredients: Jamaican Black Castor Oil , Babassu Oil, Vegetable
    Glycerine , Amla Oil, Argan Oil , Horsetail Powder, Essential Oil


    *100% natural and organic