Boo listen! We have to keep our sweet area (Vagina) clean and in top notch condition. And that’s why I did ALOT researched on these Yoni Steam herbs. Yoni Steaming is an ancient practice that was done to freshen our Yoni (or vagina) area. By boiling herbs and placing the mixture into a metal pot. Allowing it to cool and then squatting over the pot to allow the steam from the herbs to soothe the Yoni area. There are a lot of BENEFITS to this to say the least but to name a few are: reducing stress, boosting fertility, promoting healing after child birth and reducing menstrual symptoms. FYI: DO NOT STEAM WHILE ON YOUR CYCLE, PREGNANT, INFECTION, OPEN WOUND OR IUD. DO NOT SIT ON MIXTURE STRAIGHT FROM THE STOVE. WAIT FOR MIXTURE TO COOL DOWN BEFORE STARTING STEAM. MAKE SURE YONI IS CLEAN AS WELL.

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  • Apply desired amount to boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes and then pour mixture into pot. DO NOT use plastic pot or bowl to steam your Yoni due to the chemicals in plastic. Allow mixture to cool to a tolerable temperature and sit / squat over the steam with blanket around your waist to trap in steam. After you are done wipe Yoni area off with clean towel and enjoy a nice cup of tea or take a nap.Ingredients:100% natural and organic Herbal BlendRed Clover Calendula Raspberry Leaf Oregano Leaf Mugwort Motherwort Chamomile Yarrow Leaf Flower Rosemary Lavender

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