Girrlllll listen! It’s very important to get rid of that dead skin on your face and body if you want that natural glow to come shining through. If this is what you want then “glossy” is your girl. Glossy is a 100% natural and organic brown sugar exfoliate infused with herbal and essential oil blend that will have your face and body looking glossy-lishious. FYI: WILL NOT CLOG YOUR PORES

Glossy (Facial and Body Scrub)

  • For body use: Gently massage onto clean and wet skin. Rinse with warm water. For face use: Apply after using “fresh” African Black Soap and gently massage unto face avoiding the eye area and being sure to exfoliate the neck area as well. Rinse using cool water to help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.


    100% natural and organic Brown Sugar Herbal and Essential Oil Blends



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