Got Itchy Scalp Girl? Here Are 3 Natural Products to Help Out With That

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Hey Beauties! I’ve had a lot of questions asking me about itchy dry scalp. If this is you, then check out the blog below. Hope this helps!

Dry scalp is a common scalp issue that is experienced within the natural hair community. It could be due to a number of reasons such as a change in the weather, hormones, eczema, new products, allergic reactions or even your diet. Luckily, there are various manufactured products that you can use to combat it. However, why would you not go the natural route? Store-bought products are manufactured with cost in mind. The producers are trying to minimize cost hence they add cheap chemicals. These will cause more harm than good to your scalp. Purchasing natural products will combat the issue safely and affordable. The best natural products to buy are "Natural Roots LLC". We will cater to your hair needs, specifically the health of your scalp.

Here are 3 products from our line that will combat your dry scalp:

The Refresher – This is a spray moisturiser which will restore moisture to your scalp as well as hair strands. Dry scalp as the name suggests is dry because there is no form of moisture or sebum being produced by the scalp to soothe it. Spritzing your problem areas on a daily basis will aid in soothing your scalp in order for it to restore to its core function. The Refresher is 100% organic and designed with you in mind. It contains water which is the best moisturizer, rose water which has inflammatory properties that will soothe the scalp. As well as essential oils which are known antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients to cure many scalp issues.

The Oil – This is a scalp treatment, hair moisture as well as sealant. The oil contains Jamaican black castor oil, babassu oil, amla oil, argan oil, olive oil, horsetail powder and even essential oil blend. It is an organic mix of well-known and effective oils that will nourish your scalp with the minerals needed to sooth the inflammation from the dry scalp. In addition, restore your scalp to its normal function. It can be applied to your scalp on a daily basis. As well as, mixed into your shampoo and conditioner so that when you are cleansing your scalp you are massaging the oil into it. Lastly, you can do a hot oil or steam treatment with the oil.

The Detox – If you are experiencing dry scalp it could be because your hair has not been cleaned properly. So why not do a hair detox? It’s similar to a body detox as we are removing all of the dirt, debris, and product build-up from our scalp. Thus, allowing our scalp to finally breathe because all of the hair follicles have been unclogged. This product is premixed for you so you wouldn't have to mix the clay mask with's already done for you! The detox will remove all of the toxins from your scalp and hair to give you a fresh start.

All of our products are 100% organic and affordable. No longer will you have to comprise cost for quality. In addition, it will significantly improve the health of your scalp to stop dry scalp. Which product will you try first?

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